Glass Moving Sand Flowing Landscape

The magic of ever-new works of art.

The sand picture with infinitely changeable structure play. An eye-catcher on your desk, in the living room or bedroom.




This design object, reminiscent of a porthole, emanates soothing tranquility. Rotate the picture - and watch as the white, black and gold glittering sediments trickle down. To form at the bottom to wave mountains, mysterious dune or deep sea landscapes. Again and again, no matter how many times you turn the disc. 
Handmade by Austrian sand artist Klaus Bösch.
Due to the different grains and heaviness, the sediments float through the water at different speeds. Often in just a few minutes and without mixing with each other, they always form newly structured layers. As artist-painted, with a sharp silhouette. At the same time, the lightest particles, such as the finest gold dust, finally settle on the composition. 
You can influence the flow rate yourself. 
There is a tiny opening in the 26 cm Ø plastic frame. If you want the sand to flow more slowly, just fill in a little extra air between the panes (syringe included, also for possibly filling up the water).
Incl. 26 x 8 x 6 cm base in black lacquered wood and instructions. Weighs 890 g.